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bead choker, Aqua & Clear Triple-Strand 13 Inch Choker



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This triple strandpretty triple strand13 triple strandinch triple strandchoker triple strandfeatures triple stranda triple strandtriple-strand triple stranddesign, triple strandwhere triple strandon triple strandone triple strandstrand triple strandI triple strandused triple strandclear triple strandand triple strandsilver triple strandglass triple strandtube triple strandbeads. triple strandOn triple strandthe triple strandothers, triple strandaqua triple strandand triple strandclear triple strandglass triple strandseed triple strandbeads. triple strandIt triple strandhas triple stranda triple strandstainless triple strandsteel triple strandspring triple strandring triple strandstyle triple strandclasp.Your triple strandjewelry triple strandcomes triple strandin triple strandcustom triple strandpackaging triple strandthat triple strandis triple strandperfect triple strandfor triple strandgift triple strandgiving. triple strand(See triple strandPicture triple strandAbove)

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