Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antiqued 60's Portrait CAMEO Pincameo necklace, or Necklace PENDANT



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This cameo necklacevintage cameo necklacepin cameo necklaceor cameo necklacenecklace cameo necklaceis cameo necklacea cameo necklacevintage cameo necklacecameo cameo necklaceportrait cameo necklaceof cameo necklacea cameo necklacewoman cameo necklacein cameo necklaceearly cameo necklacegarb. cameo necklaceI cameo necklacebelieve cameo necklacethis cameo necklacepiece cameo necklaceto cameo necklacebe cameo necklacefrom cameo necklacethe cameo necklace1960's. cameo necklaceThe cameo necklacepin/pendant cameo necklacemeasures cameo necklace1 cameo necklace5/8" cameo necklacewidth cameo necklacex cameo necklace2" cameo necklace cameo necklaceheight. cameo necklaceThe cameo necklaceframe cameo necklaceis cameo necklacean cameo necklaceantiqued cameo necklacesilver cameo necklacetone, cameo necklaceit's cameo necklacea cameo necklacegreat cameo necklaceantique cameo necklacelooking cameo necklacepiece cameo necklaceand cameo necklacein cameo necklaceexcellent cameo necklaceshape!

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