Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Swarovski Crystalpendant, Necklacependant, Pendantpendant, Adjustable Chainpendant, Sterling Silverpendant, Teachers Giftpendant, Hand Made Jewelrypendant, Chain Maillependant, christmas gift



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20 clear crystalmm clear crystalSwarovski clear crystalcrystal clear crystalring clear crystal(clear clear crystalwith clear crystalaurora clear crystalborealis clear crystalreflective clear crystalcoating). clear crystalChain clear crystalmaille clear crystalbail clear crystalin clear crystalsterling clear crystalsilver clear crystal(.925). clear crystalPendant clear crystalcomes clear crystalon clear crystala clear crystalsterling clear crystalsilver clear crystalchain clear crystalthat clear crystaladjusts clear crystalup clear crystalto clear crystal22 clear crystalinches.

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