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ceramic tooth, Ceramic White Sasquatch/Big Footh Fossil Style Pendant with Black Leather Cord



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This sasquatch pendantawesome sasquatch pendantBig sasquatch pendantFoot/Sasquatch sasquatch pendantceramic sasquatch pendantfossil sasquatch pendantstyle sasquatch pendanthand sasquatch pendantsculpted sasquatch pendanttooth sasquatch pendantpendant sasquatch pendantcomes sasquatch pendantwith sasquatch pendanta sasquatch pendantblack sasquatch pendantleather sasquatch pendantcord. sasquatch pendantThe sasquatch pendantceramic sasquatch pendantpendant sasquatch pendantis sasquatch pendantapprox sasquatch pendant2 sasquatch pendantinches sasquatch pendant(see sasquatch pendantphoto). sasquatch pendantThe sasquatch pendantleather sasquatch pendantcord sasquatch pendantis sasquatch pendant15 sasquatch pendantinches sasquatch pendantapproximately.This sasquatch pendantitem sasquatch pendantis sasquatch pendanthand-sculpted, sasquatch pendanthand-fired, sasquatch pendantand sasquatch pendanthand-painted sasquatch pendantby sasquatch pendantour sasquatch pendantshop.

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