Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

minimalist jewelry, Silver earrings. Gold earrings. VASAI. Author jewelry.



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VASAI artisan jewelryearrings.Silver: artisan jewelryMade artisan jewelryof artisan jewelry925 artisan jewelrysterling artisan jewelrysilver. artisan jewelryGloss artisan jewelryfinish.Golden: artisan jewelryMade artisan jewelryof artisan jewelrybrass artisan jewelryand artisan jewelrycovered artisan jewelrywith artisan jewelrya artisan jewelry2 artisan jewelrymicron artisan jewelrygold artisan jewelrybath. artisan jewelryGloss artisan jewelryfinish.Approximate artisan jewelrydimensions: artisan jewelry3.5 artisan jewelryx artisan jewelry2.0 artisan jewelrycm.Handcrafted artisan jewelrycrafting.

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