Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ceramic heart, Ceramic antiqued red w/brown Sasquatch/Big Foot Heart Pendant with Red ribbon Cord



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This sasquatch pendantgorgeous sasquatch pendantantique sasquatch pendantred sasquatch pendantBig sasquatch pendantFoot/Sasquatch sasquatch pendantceramic sasquatch pendantheart sasquatch pendantpendant sasquatch pendantcomes sasquatch pendantwith sasquatch pendanta sasquatch pendantred sasquatch pendantribbon sasquatch pendantcord. sasquatch pendantThe sasquatch pendantceramic sasquatch pendantpendant sasquatch pendantis sasquatch pendant1.5\u201d sasquatch pendantx sasquatch pendant1.5\u201dThis sasquatch pendantitem sasquatch pendantis sasquatch pendanthand-poured, sasquatch pendanthand-fired, sasquatch pendantand sasquatch pendanthand-painted sasquatch pendantby sasquatch pendantour sasquatch pendantshop.

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