Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wedding, Something Inside Me Domed Custom Block Engraved Sterling Silver Ring



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Hide 925your 925love 925(or 925lyrics) 925away 925with 925this 9254mm 925wide 925half 925round 925sterling 925band 925secretly 925engraved 925on 925the 925inside 925with 925the 925inscription 925of 925your 925choice.This 925listing 925includes 925up 925to 92518 925characters, 925not 925counting 925spaces 925and 925punctuation. 925Additional 925characters 925are 925$0.95 925each. 925If 925your 925inscription 925is 925longer 925than 92518 925characters, 925please 925message 925me 925before 925placing 925your 925order 925so 925I 925can 925make 925sure 925it 925will 925fit 925and 925create 925a 925custom 925listing 925for 925you.Available 925special 925characters 925include 925a 925heart, 925double 925interlocking 925hearts, 925and 925an 925ampersand. 925Please 925specify 925word 925or 925phrase 925and 925choose 925size 925and 925finish 925when 925ordering. 925If 925you 925would 925prefer 925a 925different 925width, 925please 925contact 925me 925for 925pricing 925before 925placing 925your 925order. 925Ask 925about 925a 925custom 925order 925in 92514 925or 92518 925karat 925gold! 925Please 925visit 925my 925shop 925for 925similar 925listings 925in 925a 925larger 925swirl 925font.

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