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GORGEOUS Vintage 50's VENDOME by CORO Earringsab crystal, Crystal Beads with Enamelingab crystal, Combo Clip on/Screw Back Earrings



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These enamelearrings enamelare enamelearly enamel1950's enamelby enamel"Vendome" enamelmade enamelof enamelgenuine enamellead enamelcrystal enamelbeads enamelwith enamelorange enameland enamelyellow enamelenameled enamelleaves. enamel enamelThe enamelcombination enamelis enamelquite enamellovely! enamelA enamelsilver enamelfiligree enamelsetting enamelis enamelmarked enamel"Vendome" enamelon enamelthe enamelcombination enamelclip/screw enamelback. enamelThey enamelare enamelapproximately enamel3/4\u201d enamelin enameldiameter. enamelVendome enamelis enamelthe enamelhigh enamelend enamelline enamelof enamelthe enamelCoro enamelJewelry enamelCompany. enamelIt enamelwas enamelcreated enamelin enamel1944 enamelto enamelreplace enameltheir enamelthen enamelhigh enamelend enamelline enamelof enamel"Corocraft." enamel enamelCoro enamelintended enamelthe enamelline enamelto enamelemulate enamelfine enamelFrench enamelfashion enamelby enamelnaming enamelit enamelafter enamela enamelstreet enamelin enamelParis enamelthat enamelcontained enamelmany enamelfine enamelfashion enamelhouses. enamelThe enamelquality enamelcomponents enameland enamelextra enameldetail enamelof enamelVendome enameljewelry enamelfar enamelexceeds enamelpieces enamelof enamelsimilar enamelstyles enamelfrom enamelthe enamelera. enamel enamelThus enamelits enamelpopularity enamelwith enamelcollectors enameland enamelvintage enamelfashion enamelfans. enamelToday, enamelearly enamelVendome enamelart enamelglass enameland enamelcrystal enameljewelry enamellike enamelthe enamelone enameloffered enamelhere enamelare enamelmost enameldesired enamelby enamelcollectors.

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