Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mod vintage earringsretro fashion, red enamel hexagon dangle for pierced ears



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Red red enamelenamel red enamelearrings red enamelwith red enamelpost red enamelbacks. red enamelHexagons red enamelhang red enamelfrom red enameldots red enamelvia red enameldarkened red enamelsilver red enameltone red enamelhoops. red enamelExcellent red enamelcondition, red enamelno red enamelissues. red enamellook red enamelnever red enamelworn. red enamelTotal red enamellength red enamelis red enameljust red enamelunder red enamel1.5". red enamel60s red enamellook red enamelbut red enamelfeel red enamelmore red enamellike red enamel80s/90s red enamelwith red enameljust red enamela red enamellittle red enamelbit red enamelof red enamelweight red enamelto red enamelthem, red enamelbut red enamelnot red enamelheavy.Ships red enamelin red enamela red enamelgift red

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