Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1950s vintage rhinestone stretch braceletwatch expansion, blue glass heart & starburstwatch expansion, watch expansion style



In stock



Beautiful 50s jewelryvintage 50s jewelry50s 50s jewelrystretch/expansion 50s jewelrybracelet 50s jewelryin 50s jewelrya 50s jewelrydainty 50s jewelrywatch 50s jewelryband 50s jewelrystyle. 50s jewelryIcy 50s jewelryaqua 50s jewelryblue 50s jewelryglass 50s jewelrystarburst 50s jewelrysurrounds 50s jewelrya 50s jewelryslightly 50s jewelrydarker 50s jewelryaqua 50s jewelryblue 50s jewelryglass 50s jewelryheart, 50s jewelryprong 50s jewelryset. 50s jewelryExcellent 50s jewelrycondition. 50s jewelryFaintest 50s jewelrygold 50s jewelrycolor 50s jewelryloss 50s jewelryon 50s jewelrythe 50s jewelryinside 50s jewelryonly 50s jewelry- 50s jewelryhard 50s jewelryto 50s jewelrysee 50s jewelryand 50s jewelrydoes 50s jewelrynot 50s jewelryshow 50s jewelrywhen 50s jewelryworn. 50s jewelrySeems 50s jewelrylike 50s jewelryan 50s jewelryunsigned 50s jewelrydesigner 50s jewelrypiece 50s jewelrybut 50s jewelryI 50s jewelrycouldn't 50s jewelryfind 50s jewelryanything 50s jewelrysimilar. 50s jewelryShown 50s jewelryon 50s jewelrya 50s jewelry6" 50s jewelrywrist, 50s jewelryfit 50s jewelrywas 50s jewelrycomfortable. 50s jewelryMeasures 50s jewelrya 50s jewelryteeny 50s jewelrypinch 50s jewelryover 50s jewelry6". 50s jewelryFocal 50s jewelryrhinestone 50s jewelryarea 50s jewelryis 50s jewelryjust 50s jewelryover 50s jewelry1.25" 50s jewelryx 50s jewelry1".I 50s jewelrycombine 50s jewelryshipping 50s jewelryon 50s jewelrymultiple 50s

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