Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

signed vintage JJ frog pin - ribbit babyfrog on lilypad, casual vacation cool guyfrog on lilypad, large pewter Jonette brooch



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Vintage 1980s jewelryJJ 1980s jewelryJonette 1980s jewelryfrog 1980s jewelrypin 1980s jewelrywith 1980s jewelrydangling 1980s jewelrywords. 1980s jewelryMeasures 1980s jewelryjust 1980s jewelryover 1980s jewelry3" 1980s jewelrywide 1980s jewelryx 1980s jewelry1.5" 1980s jewelrytall. 1980s jewelryExcellent 1980s jewelrycondition, 1980s jewelryno 1980s jewelryflaws. 1980s jewelryA 1980s jewelryhard 1980s jewelryto 1980s jewelryfind 1980s jewelryJJ 1980s jewelrypin.Ships 1980s jewelryin 1980s jewelrya 1980s jewelrygift 1980s jewelrybox.I 1980s jewelrycombine 1980s jewelryshipping 1980s jewelryon 1980s jewelrymultiple 1980s

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