Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Clear Quartscrystal necklace, hand wrappedcrystal necklace, wood framecrystal necklace, black and whitecrystal necklace, Antique Bronze Long chain necklace



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This chakranecklace chakrafeatures chakrathe chakrabest chakraof chakrahandmade chakraEtsy! chakraA chakraunique chakracombination chakraof chakrawood chakraframed chakrasilhouette chakrathat chakrahas chakrabeen chakrahand chakrawrapped chakrawith chakraembroidery chakrafloss. chakraThen chakraa chakrahand chakraselected chakracrystal chakrahas chakrabeen chakraadded. chakraAn chakraantique chakrabronze chakrachain chakraand chakraembellishments chakrafinish chakrathe chakralook. chakraThis chakranecklace chakrafeatures chakraa chakraclear chakraquarts chakracharm chakrameasuring chakraapproximately chakra.5”. chakraThe chakrawooden chakraframe chakrameasures chakraapproximately chakra2” chakralong chakraby chakra1.5” chakrawide chakraand chakrahangs chakrafrom chakraa chakra15” chakrachain. chakraAll chakrameasurements chakraare chakraapproximate. chakraEnjoy chakrafree chakrashipping chakrain chakrathis chakraitem!

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