Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mod vintage arrow earringsarrow earrings, shiny gold tone for pierced ears



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True new wavevintage new wavearrow new wavecharms new wavehave new wavebeen new waveput new waveon new wavenew new wave(never new waveworn/used) new wavefrench new wavehooks. new waveTotal new waveearring new wavelength new waveis new wavejust new waveover new wave1.5" new wavelong. new waveExcellent new wavecondition, new waveno new waveflaws new waveand new wavesuper new wavecute. new waveAnd new wavelightweight.Ships new wavein new wavea new wavegift new wavebox.I new wavecombine new waveshipping new waveon new wavemultiple new

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