Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage rhinestone penguin pin broochpenguin brooch, topaz yellow glass with a ruby red eye on pale gold tone



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Vintage figural jewelrypenguin figural jewelrypin figural jewelrybrooch figural jewelrycovered figural jewelryin figural jewelrytopaz figural jewelryyellow figural jewelryrhinestones figural jewelrywith figural jewelrya figural jewelryteeny figural jewelryred figural jewelryeye. figural jewelryExcellent figural jewelrycondition, figural jewelryno figural jewelryflaws. figural jewelrySuper figural jewelryadorable. figural jewelryMeasures figural jewelry1.75" figural jewelrytall.Ships figural jewelryin figural jewelrya figural jewelrygift figural jewelrybox.I figural jewelrycombine figural jewelryshipping figural jewelryon figural jewelrymultiple figural

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