Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large vintage rotary phone brooch pinmiss you gift, silver tone telephone by AJCmiss you gift, call me on your landline



In stock



1980s telephone pinvintage telephone pinphone telephone pinpin telephone pinin telephone pinthe telephone pinstyle telephone pinof telephone pinan telephone pinolder telephone pinFrench telephone pinrotary telephone pinphone. telephone pinSilver telephone pintone telephone pinfinish telephone pinis telephone pinmostly telephone pinmatte telephone pinwith telephone pinglossy telephone pindetails. telephone pinThe telephone pinnumbers telephone pinare telephone pinthere telephone pinbut telephone pinare telephone pinsubtle. telephone pinExcellent telephone pincondition. telephone pinOne telephone pinor telephone pintwo telephone pinlight telephone pinscuffs telephone pinto telephone pinthe telephone pinmatte telephone pinfinish. telephone pinGlue telephone pinresidue telephone pinon telephone pinthe telephone pinback telephone pinthat telephone pinobviously telephone pindoesn't telephone pinaffect telephone pinwear telephone pinand telephone pinis telephone pinhard telephone pinto telephone pinsee telephone pinbecause telephone pinit's telephone pinclear. telephone pinMeasures telephone pinabout telephone pin2.5" telephone pinlong telephone pinby telephone pin2" telephone pinwide. telephone pinhard telephone pinto telephone pinfind telephone pinin telephone pinsilver telephone pintone!Ships telephone pinin telephone pina telephone pingift telephone pinbox.I telephone pincombine telephone pinshipping telephone pinon telephone pinmultiple telephone

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