Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brass, Initial Here Essential Stamped Brass Monogram Necklace



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Have vintagepeople vintageguess vintageyour vintagename vintage("Well, vintageit vintagestarts vintagewith vintagea vintageC...") vintagewith vintagethis vintagecute vintagebrass vintageinitial vintagenecklace. vintageChoose vintageyour vintageinitial vintageto vintagebe vintagestamped vintageonto vintagea vintagesmall vintage(nickel vintagesized) vintageor vintagelarge vintage(half-dollar vintagesized) vintagebrass vintagedisc. vintageAll vintagependants vintagecome vintageon vintagea vintage16" vintageor vintage18" vintagegold-filled vintagechain.Brass vintagewill vintagedevelop vintagea vintagenatural vintagepatina vintageover vintagetime. vintageIt vintagecan vintagebe vintagecleaned vintageand vintagepolished vintagewith vintageany vintagecommercial vintagebrass vintagepolish vintageif vintageyou vintageprefer vintageto vintagekeep vintageyour vintagependant vintageshiny.

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